New blog

30 01 2011

Just started a new blog. I will eventually start putting up scooter parts for sale when I can, but for now just fun stuff.


crazy timw

28 10 2010

life has been very interesting these past couple of weeks.

first is a story about this place that i had dinner it is little and dirty and there were tons of flies. it had every kind of asain food you could think of. it was really cheap. it was deliciousoicuoicuuuuuusssss!!!!! and cheap for the marina.


just threw a kit on my scooter. stock everything for now, i am going to drill the clutch and take out a variator weight, but i just can not get it jetted right. i had a 65 then a 70 then a 75 and now a 78 and its still not good. WTF.


crazy day at work. all 50 cars were out at once and i almost got arrested by a police man, he said, “if you block an intersection one more time i am impounding your scooter and you are going to jail.” – crazy i know.


i was riding my scooter, coming up to a red light. cut through traffic and stopped between lanes 3 and 4, waited for the light to turn green. green. took off  in the 3rd lane. a small mercedes fancy 2 door coupe was riding my ass(like 2 feet behind me) i looked around and held my hand up in the air  like “what the fuck are you doing”, even though we were the 2 fastest vehicles out of the gate. next light she pulls up next to me and looks at me and starts screaming and then calmly flips me the bird. i shook my head and wondered why she was having such a bad day. green. start to go to next light, it turns red. i was cumming to a stop and miss grumpy swerved into my lane causing me to fall off of mr scooter butt. i jumped up, really freaked the fuck out and excited, picked up mr scooter and pushed the ignition. miss grumpy took off through the red. a comcast truck guy pulled up next to me and said, “that bitch is fuckin crazy, she tried to kill you!!!”. i took off, chasing miss grumpy through the dirty streets of s.f. she tried to get away by running a red light and going the wrong way down a one way alley. i got her. the light was red. there was tons of traffic. no where to go. i calmly pulled up next to her(it was like a movie), i lower my torso and am glaring at her with my blacked-out helmet. mr scooter had to be avenged.


i need a new cell phone, mine keeps turning off.



Cermony(2010) pix

1 10 2010

took about 2k photos, here are the ones i liked.


22 09 2010


Im super gay so im not going to be riding in the rally, i am going to go to some spots and set up and hopefully get some action pix of peeps riding bye. And drinking beerz cause i got a beer rack holder on mr scoot. but i dont know where the smoke break stops on the ride are, i only go liki25 so i have to be fast.

Big ship.

trip nips. justin beiber. chickin saandwitch.

Clean your air compressor out periodically.

Fcuk Bkies

R.I.P Rusty

15 09 2010

i remember when we first brought you home. i remember how you used to bite my toes when i was trying to sleep. i remember how you used to run up and down the halls attacking the walls. i remember when you used to get stuck on the roof and i had to climb up and get you down. i remember when you caught that bird that one time but then i told you to let him go and then you did and then you ran after it again after it took off and you jumped 6 feet in the air and caught him again. i remember the time when you threw up in my bed and didnt tell me cause you thought it was funnny. i remember the time when you got a big hole through your leg and you had to wear that funny cone on your head and we used to laugh together cause we both thought it was funny. i remember the time when you started to have seizures and then got reset to a baby cat. i remember when we used to cuddle and then for no reason you would bite the shit outta me.

love you Rusty.

bums and bikes

13 09 2010

super fun scooter ride!

i saw a moped at the fruitvale bart station!

taylors super custom rd250 thing.

I had an encounter with a crazy bum on bart. He had a mini palm tree in a plastic water bottle.

bum –  “you know what? GUESS what i do for a living?!”

me –  “what….?”

Bum -“i am a stand up comedian,”

me – “AHHAHAHAHAH, BuLLSHIT!!!! Your not even funny!!!”

hi, im tofer

9 09 2010

ya babay!